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iBonD 2.0 Version was  Enriched!

        As known for its 1.0 version, the iBonD is a user-friendly internet-based databank of heterolytic (pKa) and homolytic (BDE) bond dissociation energies, established by the bond energy team at Tsinghua University and Nankai University, China. Now, it is upgraded to the 2.0 version. The most noteworthy features of iBonD 2.0 are: 1) 7500 homolytic bond dissociation enthalpy (BDE) values for over 5,000 representative organic compounds with various kinds of chemical bonds are now made readily searchable online, and 2) the pKa compilation is now substantially enriched to have more than 30,000 experimental equilibrium acidity data for about 20,000 compounds in various solvents. Thus, the iBonD 2.0 provides the heretofore most comprehensive bond energy collection and the most convenient approach to find the data with its powerful searching engine. Further updating of iBonD to compile the BDE values in solutions, the BDEs of metallic bonds, the energetics of some weak interactions (e.g. hydrogen bond, coordination bond) etc. will be done in our routine maintenances.

    The iBonD is provided free of charge for non-profit making academic use only. Whenever applicable, the users of the iBonD are requested to cite this website in their publication/presentation as following: Internet Bond-energy Databank (pKa and BDE)--iBonD Home Page. http://ibond.chem.tsinghua.edu.cn or http://ibond.nankai.edu.cn. All rights are reserved by the iBonD team.

     Feedbacks from users are highly valuable for improving the iBonD and will be most appreciated. 

     Contact information: Dr. Jin-Dong Yang: jdyang@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn

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At a glance: 35,000 pKa 7,600 BDEs